Spirits of Christmas

Friday December 14 | 7 to 10pm | Tickets $60

This entertaining evening features wine, beer and whisky tastings with appetizers. Silent Auction and our famous “Pick a Present”. A great option for hosting your corporate holiday celebration.



Silent Auction – Featured Item

“Leo Back of Skoki” print by Fraser McGurk

“I first met the gregarious Leo Grillmair while acting as  a stand in chef at Skoki Lodge. The lodge manager at the time, (also coincidently named Leo), had persuaded me into a short ski between lunch and dinner service.  I’m not sure how the conversation came up, but we began to talk about the differences between the way a European skier stands and rests on his poles – so relaxed – vs a Canadian skier.  Leo Mitzel quickly dismissed this and promptly told me I was full of crap. Every few minutes he would stop and with great pleasure strike an extreme pose and with delight say “how’s this”?  “Do I look European”?  By happenstance,  we rounded a blind corner, there standing quite nonchalantly was Hans Moser and Leo Grillmair.  Mr. Grillmair, in his seventies, stood graciously juxtaposed against his poles, as if he could stand there all day.  I only wish I had the camera ready as the expression on Leo M’s face was priceless.  I politely asked Leo G. if I could take his photo. “Only for a loonie” was his reply and we all laughed.  I took his photo and we skied off in opposite directions. Little did I know the Hans and Leo would be dining and spending the night at Skoki Lodge.  By the time the two of them arrived, I was busy in the kitchen and was delightfully surprised when Leo G. pulled up a stool next to the stove, pulled out a flask and began telling stories.  It was a great evening ”

For more information about the artist visit his website at http://frasermcgurk.com/